Our Dental Services

As a family dental clinic in Burnaby, we provide 7 days a week with evening services dental services to you to ensure your dental health is well taken care of.  From Dental emergency services, teeth cleaning to cosmetic dentistry services such as teeth whitening, orthodontics, Veneers, and Botox for TMJ, our services are always available to you.  Also if you have lost or missing teeth, do not worry as we can restore your dental functions for you. We offer bridges, implants, teeth fillings, dentures, and crowns. So book your appointment today. 

Hygiene and Emergency Services

24-7 dental emergency services

Need a dentist fast? Book online and get instantly confirmed.

Dental Hygiene Services

Need your teeth cleaned and maintained?  Book your teeth cleaning with our professional hygienist today!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Need a confidence booster? No problem. Our Team can brighten your smile, or straighten your teeth which will improve your smile and attractiveness.  

General Dentistry

If you have a toothache, our team of highly trained dentists can help you. We are ready to put your mind at ease with our 7 days a week dental help. Call us for a consultation.