Our Dental Services - Burnaby Dental Clinic

Our Dental Services

We are a Burnaby Dental Clinic with a professional and experienced team of dentists that utilizes the element of care and the principle of rationality to bring you the utmost highest quality dental care and service. Located in Metropolis at metrotown Mall which is in the heart of Burnaby next to the Metrotown Skytrain station, we not only provide general dentistry, preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry and 7 days a week dental help, we can show you how to enhance your beauty with our cosmetic dentistry experience. We can give you tailored treatment options that is unique to you. Best of all,there is free complimentary parking, near Kingsway Skytrain station, offer long hours of operations, and high quality dental service. So come in and be amazed.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Learn about our cosmetic options personalized for you. Our Team can brighten your smile, or straighten your teeth which will improve your smile and attractiveness.  Call us for a whitening consultation, and we’ll show you how your teeth can make everyone else smile for you.

General Dentistry

If you have a toothache, our team of highly trained dentists can help you. We are ready to put your mind at ease with our 7 days a week dental help. Call us for a consultation.