Dental Restorative Bridges

Do you have several missing teeth? Is this causing you to have difficulty speaking or chewing, or notice strain while biting? A dental bridge could help you restore your dental function in this scenario.

What is a bridge?

A bridge is a tooth replacement option that uses your natural teeth adjacent to your missing tooth as a support to embed natural-looking artificial teeth in between. In other words, a bridge works by contouring the two teeth at the end of the gap where your tooth is missing. The natural teeth are then contoured so that a crown can be fitted on top of each tooth.

Bridge VS Denture

While dentures are removable, bridges are semi-permanent – they can only be removed by a dentist. The results are, they fit comfortably and are proven to strengthen your teeth.

When a dental bridge is useful

A bridge would be an appropriate procedure to consider if your teeth adjacent to your missing tooth already require a crown for other dental reasons. However, if your adjacent teeth don’t require a dental crown, a bridge might create more harm than good to your adjacent natural teeth by reducing them unnecessarily.

The next step

If you are looking for natural looking teeth that can be anchored into place without affecting surrounding natural teeth, dental implants would be more appropriate for your situation. Regardless, we highly recommend you book an appointment with our dentists to see what’s best for your scenario.

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