Cosmetic Dentistry

Brighten up that smile with our cosmetic dental services

A natural looking smile is a priceless asset. We offer teeth whitening – to brighten your smile, botox – to treat Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD), orthodontics – to aligning your teeth to make a more aesthetically beautiful with a certified orthodontist. We would love to sit down and talk to you about your treatment options and craft you a smile that will build your confidence in who you are, and what you stand for. 

Teeth Whitening

To help you restore your bright, clean smile and to give you an added boost of confidence, we offer many options, including custom take home whitening kits and Zoom in-office whitening.


Veneers are used to improve the look of your teeth and perfect your smile by hiding chips, masking stains, correcting misalignment, and creating uniformity.


Botox is used to reduce over-reactive muscle movement in dentistry, such as muscle spasm and teeth grinding, where the muscles are continuously contracted.


While brushing and maintaining your teeth is important to your overall oral health, you can align crooked teeth to make an even stronger impact on your overall general appearance.


Orthopedics focuses on children whose teeth, jaw structure, and facial growth are still developing. Typically, short-term therapies like retainers or other removable devices are involved to align the teeth or jaw.

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