Dental Emergency - Toothache? Chipped a tooth?

Dental emergency services

Have a chipped a tooth? Sudden dental injury? Toothache? or require immediate attention related to your gums swelling? 

Our clinic is ready to serve you! We are open 7 days a week including Sunday. Since we are open until 9:00 PM every weekday and 7:00 PM Saturday and Sunday, we make it easy for you. If you have a cracked tooth, fallen tooth, or gum pain, bleeding gums, dental injuries or any other emergencies, we can help you immediately. Our dental emergency services are available everyday. We are open long hours to make sure you can be taken care of immediately. 


We are a dental clinic in Metropolis at Metrotown mall on 4800 Kingsway, Burnaby. We are equipped with high tech equipment and highly experienced dentists, caring staff, leading edge technology, and a comfortable environment to ease your worries and stress. Work with us to ensure your dental emergency is taken care of today! 

In need of immediate dental help?