Dental Hygiene Service (Teeth Cleaning)

We know your teeth are extremely important to your overall health. And we also know that once they are gone they wont grow back (unless they are your baby teeth). So this is why our Registered Dental Hygienist cannot stop stressing how important for you to practice great daily dental hygiene. But the reality is, teeth cleaning can be difficult to maintain over time especially when life takes over. This is why at the Dentists at metrotown, we strive to make our dental hygiene service as simple to you as possible.  And best of all, our Registered Dental Hygienist will give you a quick oral assessment on how well you are brushing your teeth along with great tips on how your daily teeth cleaning process can be improved.

But hold on, we have not told you the best part yet! A typical visit with our experienced Registered Dental Hygienist will include:

  • The removal of tough plaque, stains and tartar from your teeth with industry leading scaling and root planing techniques.
  •  A teeth polishing formula that provides your teeth shine.
  • A thorough flossing to remove any hidden food particles.
  • And best of all, a fluoride treatment that will enhance/strengthen your teeth and prevent cavities.
  • A dental exam with one of our highly skilled and experienced Dentist to ensure your teeth is healthy.

All of these procedures are designed to provide you a comprehensive cleaning and prevent or reverse gum disease. We can even tell you a variety of dental options to keep your breath feeling and smelling fresh. So take your smile confidence to the next level. With regular dental hygiene appointments every 6 months with us and our dental assessment with hygiene tips and tricks, you will see a difference in your dental health that will give you the energy and confidence that you need to succeed. Its an investment well worth your troubles.

But you may be wondering, why not just practice good dental hygiene at home so you do not need a cleaning with us? While the oral hygiene you practice at home—brushing at least two times a day and flossing every day—is vital for keeping your smile healthy and beautiful between visits to your dentist, it does not replace the more in-depth thorough cleaning we’re able to perform at the Dentists at Metrotown Dental Clinic. Think of it this way, the dental hygiene you practice at home helps maintain your teeth, but our hygienists will make sure your teeth are strong, shiny and more cavity resistant, and our dentists with their examinations will ensure your teeth are healthy. 

So if you are just looking for a new dentist or you are simply lapsed in your regular dental checkups in our office, please contact us today. We’ll be delighted to schedule an appointment for you, and answer any questions you may have about the hygiene and  cleaning services we offer.

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