Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment (Endodontic)

Dental pulp contains a nerve which extends from the tooth’s root to bring vital nutrients to the tooth. The nerve within the pulp will die if a tooth’s pulp is injured, damaged, or infected.

Root Canal Therapy is an oral surgery that removes the pulp inside the tooth to save your teeth and to prevent further decay and pain from the bad tooth.  After the root canal is successfully completed,  putting a crown around the tooth is usually highly recommended to preserve the tooth structure and provide strength for chewing.

Root Canal promotes efficient biting, restores normal appearance, protects surrounding teeth and relieves pain.  If you have pain, decay,  bad teeth and inefficient biting in your teeth, Root Canal Treatment might be the solution for you. It is advised that you book a consultation with our dentists to determine a dental surgery treatment plan.

Root canal therapy
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