Dr. Joshua Ananthan

Dr. Joshua Ananthan

Family & General Dentist

Dr. Joshua Ananthan was born in Toronto where he lived with his parents and four siblings until he graduated from the School of Dentistry at the University of Toronto. After obtaining his Doctor of Dental Surgery he decided he wanted to specialize and was accepted into the University of British Columbia’s Endodontist program.

Dr. Ananthan is passionate about sharing the knowledge he has gained from his schooling. While studying to become an Endodontist, he teaches at the UBC School of Dentistry teaching dental school students Endodontic skills as part of the school program. He takes great enjoyment in passing on his love of dentistry to his students and focuses on developing mentoring relationships with each student and has made many friendships in this way since moving to Vancouver.

Work and school occupy much of Joshua’s time and limits his pursuits outside of work and school to two things he loves – playing golf and traveling. Joshua enjoys playing golf because it gives him the opportunity to visit different courses, enjoy the scenery and the outdoors. He often visits smaller, quieter courses but his favorite course is the University Golf Club situated on the western edge of Vancouver near the University of BC. His love of travel has evolved through his childhood and as a young man. In the past decade, he has traveled to Asia and Europe and sets off to a new destination country for his vacation each year. He finds travelling fascinating because seeing the world has broadened his understanding of different cultures.

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