Emma Dong

Registered Dental Hygienist

Emma Dong, RDH graduated in 2018 with a Dental Hygiene Diploma at the Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene in New Westminister. She was born in Chongqing, China and moved to Vancouver Canada in 2013.  Her experience in life has made her realize the importance of preventative dental care where upon graduation, she was known for her proactive approach for caring for her patient’s teeth, gums and general oral hygiene. 

On her days off, Emma loves various exercise activities including yoga, jogging and mountain climbing as these activities helps her relax and enjoy life. But one activity that she really has a passion for is cooking, which for her, reduces stress and allows her to explore her creative side.  She enjoys cooking Asian food, specifically Chinese cuisine such as hotpot, stew, Kung pao Chicken, wonton soup, and etc. Other times, she likes to try cooking different types of western food like garlic butter steak and mushroom shrimp pasta or avocado chicken salad.

 One of Emma’s interest that really cheers her up is music. She likes music that gives her hope as songs and lyrics can mean so much to her. When she is listening to music that really has her in the zone, she feels calm and collected when she’s facing challenges. She loves different genres of music such as classical, jazz, pop as well as blues. 

 So book your teeth cleaning appointment with Emma – her upbeat personality and proactive approach to caring for your dental hygiene will provide you the confidence to smile. 

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